Please walk with the past Cool Dog Sites

Cool DOG Sites of 1999 September

01:Lexi and Poco's Website---[USA]
02:Pipkin the Dog Website---[USA]
03:Dog-Ma Daycare for Dogs---[USA]
04:Kaci and Milo---[USA]
05:Kandiyohi Boxers---[USA]
06:Rescued Pit Bull Fighters---[USA]
07:Kritter Keepsakes Pet Journals---[USA]
08:Animal Sculptures in Clay---[CANADA]
09:The Daisy Babe WebPage---[USA]
10:Welcome To My Dog House---[USA]
11:Babycass's Den---[USA]
12:Newfoundland and Rottweiler Search and Rescue dogs---[USA]
13:Home Page of Norton Coonhound---[USA]
14:Mia's HomePage---[USA]
15:Thank God I'm A CountryDog---[USA]
16:Dachshund World---[USA]
17:Bonnie's HomePage---[AUSTRALIA]
18:The Perfect Angel---[USA]
19:Our Puppies---[USA]
20:Chevalier de France - Dogues de Bordeaux - Bordeauxdogge (VDH)---[GERMANY]
23:Border Collie and MG---[DENMARK]
24:German Shepherd Rescue---[USA]
26:Lynniel Arts & Illustration---[UK][SWEDEN]
The Vongehoft HomePage---[USA] (Selected Monthly Best)
29:Poika's World---[USA]
30:Whippet Homero's Home Page---[ARGENTINA]