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Cool DOG Sites of 1999 August

01:Jager's Homepage---[USA]
02:Raven Crupper's Cancer Diary---[USA]
03:My Doggie Page---[USA]
04:Poppy's Page---[USA]
06:australia nchihuahua---[AUSTRALIA]
07:The Norwegian Lundehund Network---[USA]
09:Duke of Squirrels HomePage---[USA][USA]
11:Doggie Bag Bakery-HealthyGourmetDogBiscuitsandCookies---[USA]
12:Foxstone Maltese---[USA]
13:Bay Area Boxer Rescue---[USA]
14:Dana's Place---[GERMANY]
15:Dog Shots---[USA]
16:Over! Rover Agility Equipment for you and your dog---[USA]
17:Springhill DTC & Agility---[UK]
18:Caprichodel Cielo Havanese---[GERMANY]
19:My Dogs Better Cartoon Site---[USA]
Do Dah Day ---[USA](Selected Monthly Best)
21:Pet Pro---[USA]
22:Holly's HomePage---[USA]
23:Mishar's Shih Tzu---[USA]
24:Moore Hounds---[USA]
25:The Cleeland Clan---[USA]
26:one day in the life of two boxers---[BULGIUM]
27:Basse's Homepage---[DENMARK]
28:Carolyn Edlund CeramicJewelry---[USA]
30:Linda's Kountry Pugs---[USA]
31:Pampered Pals---[USA]