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Cool DOG Sites of 1999 June

01:Xene's Home Page---[USA]
02:Michal_Filly_Astra's HomePage!---[ISRAEL]
03:My House of Pets---[USA]
04:Dream Packers Pet Pages-Our American Eskimos---[USA]
05:Annie Banannie's HomePage---[USA]
06:Home of the Irish and Gordon Setter---[GERMANY]
08:Sky Bar German Shepherds---[USA]
09:Star Pet---[USA]
10:CJ's DoggyPage---[INDIA]
11:Pooky's Fur Babies & Friends---[USA]
12:Siberian Huskies---[USA]
13:The Royal Dog of Madagascar---[CANADA]
14:For The Love Of Samantha---[USA]
15:Deb's Old English Sheepdog Page---[CANADA]
Welcome To Newt's Page---[USA] (Selected Monthly Best)
17:Darkside of the Airedale...Travels with Mr.Woofer---[USA]
18:The Saga of Gorby-a Chihuahua for the Ages---[USA]
19:Lupa's virtual doghouse---[USA]
20:Amazing Dachshunds---[USA]
22:Cleo's Schipperke Place---[USA]
23:Tobenlee Brittanys---[AUSTRALIA]
25:A Canton Holiday---[USA]
26:Pet's Line---[ARGENTINA]
27:The Doghouse---[USA]
28:Tosa Inu Guard Dog Of Japan---[USA]
30:DancerThe Boxer-MyWebPage---[CANADA]