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Cool DOG Sites of 1999 May

01:Lady Guinevere's Kingdom---[USA]
02:Chewbacca's Place---[USA]
03:Rose's Doghouse---[CANADA]
04:The Little Dog JOSCHI Introduces Himself---[GERMANY]
Mr KimKim's Doggie Dreams and Search for Glamour Pooch 2000 ---[USA](Selected Monthly Best)
06:Welsh Springer Spaniels--Fireside---[USA]
07:Blockhead Bulldogs---[USA]
08:American Bulldog Resources---[CANADA]
09:Rhoda, SanFrancisco's FavoritePug---[USA]
10:Dani Web Dot Com---[USA]
11:Bow-Wow Biscuit Company---[USA]
12:Emma's Web Pages---[USA]
13:Piper's Most Excellent Adventures---[USA]
14:Chloe & Spencer---[USA]
15:Felix the Airedale Terrier---[HUNGARY]
16:American Staffordshire Terriers From the Klondike Diggers---[NETHERLANDS]
17:Greyfriars Bobby---[UK]
18:People for Pit Bulls---[CANADA]
19:The Dog Talk Cyberden---[USA]
20:Maxx and Carley's Homepage---[USA]
21:Ronja's & Tessla's homepage---[SWEDEN]
24:Collet's House---[USA]
27:The Wild Site!---[BELGIUM]
28:Frazze's page---[SWEDEN]
29:Brindi-BullTerrier Online---[USA]
30:Ticket Dog Mainpage---[USA]
31:Clyde's Biscuits and Bones Almanac---[USA]