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Cool DOG Sites of 1999 April

01:Pet Corral Feather and Fur Menagerie/ DogsPage---[USA]
02:Vom Lewdahaus Rottweilers Link Page---[USA]
04:Jabir's havanese kennel---[DENMARK]
05:Select Smart. com---[USA]
06:Homepages of Kaysee, Angel, and Kirby---[USA]
07:Absaroka Search Dogs---[USA]
08:Blinker's page---[USA]
09:Aboutthe American Eskimodog.---[USA]
10:Michal_Fiily_Astra's Home Page!---[ISRAEL]
11:The Portuguese Golden Retriever HomePage---[PORTUGAL]
12:Cool Pet Stuff. com.---[USA]
13:Sammy's HomePage.---[USA]
14:Eight Paws Creations.---[USA]
15:The Dabble Diner---[CANADA]
17:David's Zoo---[SWEDEN]
18:The Obligatory Dog Page---[ZAMBIA]
19:Sundance Boxers.---[USA]
20:Emmas Hundsida---[SWEDEN]
22:Canine Caviar.---[USA]
23:Artist-Illustrator Pattie Schey.---[USA]
24:Shadow's Page.---[USA]
25:Stella Grigia Agility and Training School---[ITALY]
26:Fireside Welsh Springer Spaniels.---[USA]
27:Avenging Emma!.---[USA]
29:The Puppy Place.---[USA]
30: .---[USA](Selected Monthly Best)