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Cool DOG Sites of 1999 March

01:Lost Paws---[USA]
02:Swedish Giant Schnauzer pepper and salt page!---[SWEDEN]
03:Jessie,Sadie and Grinnin Gilbert---[USA]
04:Kelly's Standard Schnauzer Page---[USA]
05:Beatrice and Eugenie: Personalized Pet Dishes---[USA]
06:Therapy Dogs International---[USA]
07:Stormy and Chopper's WebSite---[USA]
08:Tuckabee's Hideaway---[USA]
09:For the Love of Dogs---[USA]
10:Red CollarJack Russell Terriers---[USA]
Dogumentary---[USA] (Selected Monthly Best)
13:Fila Brasileiro---[BRAZIL]
14:Doggie Bagz---[USA]
15:Kelcliffe Kennels---[AUSTRALIA]
16:Peke Lover's Newslette---[USA]
17:Dog-Friendly Accommodations & Attractions in Florida---[USA]
18:It's A Dog's World---[USA]
19:An Aussie Ambassador---[USA]
20:Shadow's Place---[USA]
21:Daisy and Abner---[USA]
22:Traveling Dogs---[USA]
23:German Shepherds---[SWEDEN]
26:The Miniature Schnauzer Cam---[USA]
27:Hollywood Poodle---[USA]
28:Belvedere's Fun Page---[USA]
29:Doctor Dog Emergency Care Section---[USA]
30:Puffin's Place---[USA]
31:Willis J. Evans' HomePage---[USA]