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Cool DOG Sites of 1999 February

01:Emma & Rhoda:The English Bulldog & the Dachshund of Riverdale---[CANADA]
02:Stormy and Chopper's WebSite---[USA]
03:The Index of Famous Dogs---[USA]
04:Heidi's Pugs & Bullmastiffs---[NORWAY]
05:Marshall's American Bulldogs---[USA]
06:Laddie's House---[USA]
07:Arnold's Place---[USA]
08:Peke Lover's Newsletter---[USA]
09:American Brittany Rescue Organization---[USA]
10:Billabong Art Studio Pet Portraits---[USA]
11:Border Collies N Stuff---[USA]
12:KC's Cyber Scrapbook---[USA]
13:The Mr.Chuck Show featuring Ned and Stumpy---[USA]
14:Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption---[USA]
15:Two Standard Poodles-A Canine Love Story---[ISRAEL]
16:Clive Quinn,portrait artist---[AUSTRALIA]
17:Flying Dog Press---[USA]
18:Jack Russell Terrier "Piper"---[USA]
19:Arnold's Place!---[USA]
20:Oliver's HomePage---[USA]
21:Rhoda, San Francisco's Favorite Pug---[USA]
Life With Dogs:Kayla & Kody's World---[USA] (Selected Monthly Best)
23:Blockheads Dogues de Bordeaux---[NETHERLANDS]
24:Fozzie's Page---[USA]
25:The Boston Site!---[CANADA]
26:Kelcliffe Kennels---[AUSTRALIA]
28:Crazy Daisy's HomePage---[USA]