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Cool DOG Sites of 1999 January

01:Lots-a-Dots and Odie's Backyard---[USA]
02:Chihuahuas Great & Small---[USA]
03:Chief's Brittanys---[USA]
Puppy Love Dog Training---[USA] (Selected Monthly Best)
05:Pet Vanity Plates---[USA]
07:Love My Pets---[USA]
08:Cats & Canines---[UK]
09:My Best Friend---[USA]
10:Topangas Lhasa Apso in Sweden---[SWEDEN]
11:Stray Rescue of St. Louis---[USA]
12:Always...Badminton Mastiffs---[USA]
13:Dalmatian Rescue of North Texas---[USA]
14:Maggie's WebPage---[USA]
15:Jake & Crosby's World---[USA]
16:Scooby Doo---[USA]
17:Little Egypt Great Danes---[USA]
18:Pit Bulls on the Web---[USA]
19:The Lab-Habitat---[USA]
20:Puppydog Tales & Poems / Petloss---[USA]
21:Dottie,Shelby & Gus---[USA]
22:Rumor's Dog Pages---[USA]
23:Pet Travel and Leisure---[USA]
24:Dipstick's Doghouse---[USA]
25:Jean's Doberman Fun and Information Page---[USA]
27:Alaska Red Dogs---[USA]
28:Florida K-9 Association---[USA]
29:Australian Cattle Dogs in Agility and Herding---[NETHERLANDS]
30:The Collie Page---[SWEDEN]
31:Les Pyramides de Cholula---[FRANCE]