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Cool DOG Sites of 1998 August

01:Laura's Doggie Domain---[USA]
02:Comet's World---[USA]
03:Salles homepage---[SWEDEN]
05:The "Doggie Catcher" Pet Restraint---[USA]
Dog Bone Club ---[USA](Selected Monthly Best)
07:All Things Dog---[USA]
08:SPCA Virtual Animal Shelter---[USA]
09:Dusty's Home Page---[USA]
10:Ruhfus Hikes the Appalachian Trail---[USA]
11:The Pet Pages:Chelsea's HomePage---[USA]
12:Greatland Bullmastiffs---[USA]
13:Rocky the Wonder Dog---[USA]
14:Balkey and Tobey's site!---[USA]
15:The Great American Dog Show---[USA]
17:City of New York PARKS & RECREATION---[USA]
18:Clover the Wiener Wonder---[USA]
19:Sonic¥s Homepage---[SWEDEN]
20:Lone Star English Setter Club---[USA][USA]
23:Super Novas Flyball Team---[CANADA]
24:The Poop---[USA]
25:Alessandro & Katiusha HomePage---[ITALY]
26:My Life As A Dog---[USA]
27:Foxglove Shelties---[USA]
28:Twin Cities Golden Retriever Club---[USA]
29:1,000 Photo Dog Screen Saver---[USA]
30:Love My Pets.Com and subsites---[USA]
31:Diamonds in the Ruff---[USA]