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Cool DOG Sites of 1998 June

01:Svenska Pitbullterrier sidan---[SWEDEN]
02:Cotonde Tulearvonder ROSAALBA---[SWITZERLAND]
03:Blockheadsdoguede Bordeaux---[NETHERLANDS]
04:Shetlandsheepdog Redi's Homepage!---[FINLAND]
05:Diamonds in the Ruff---[USA]
06:Hermes Large Munsterlanders---[NEWZEALAND]
07:Canines and Felines---[USA]
09:Angels Among Us---[USA]
10:The Danish Westie Page---[DENMARK]
11:Buddy the Bearded Collie---[CANADA]
12:Counter Surfers Unlimited---[USA]
13:Psychodog's Homepage---[USA]
14:Dalmatian Information Station---[USA]
15:Dogs Life Products---[USA]
17:Connie's Cockers and Ragdolls---[USA]
Buddy O'Briens Yard---[USA] (Selected Monthly Best)
19:Nixon,and his boy Mike Daven---[USA]
21:Walt's Page Greyhounds & other things---[USA]
22:The Zippy Scrapbook---[USA]
23:Pet of the Day---[USA]
24:Rocky the Wonder Dog---[USA]
25:Toby's & Mickey's Information for Dalmatians---[USA]
26:Pet Portraitsinoils---[USA]
27:Blondy's homepage---[FINLAND]
28:Cinema Boxers---[USA]
30:Pennyand Reggie's Doghouse---[USA]