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Cool DOG Sites of 1998 March

01:Nikita's Chow Page---[USA]
02:Hawkeye Hustlers home Page---[USA]
03:Golden Love---[USA]
04:"Rwoof!" Cyber store just for dogs!---[USA]
05:The American Eskimo Dog Home Page---[USA]
06:The Official Neapolitan Mastiff Site---[USA]
09:Gelderland Rottweilers---[AUSTRALIA]
10:Trevi's page---[NORWAY]
11:Rasta the Wonderdog---[AUSTRALIA]
12:George and Emma's Homepage---[USA]
13:Les Cottons de Montarville---[USA]
14:Boxer Babies around the World---[USA]
15:Dog Palace---[USA]
16:Holesome Kennels---[USA]
17:Bird Dog & Retriever News---[USA]
18:Doggie-Do's, Custom Signs---[USA]
19:Bouviers Van Het Bergbos---[BELGIUM]
20:Lars Detmer's Homepage---[DEMARK]
Double "D" Bulldogs---[USA] (Selected Monthly Best)
22:Carolina Prime Pet Treats---[USA]
23:Spit Happens Get wet with Newfoundland---[USA]
24:Bofelli Australian Shepherds---[USA]
25:Inter Mountain Therapy Animals---[USA]
26:How To Love Your Dog (for kids only)---[USA]
27:Pattie Schey Artist-illustrator---[USA]
28:The Dog Infomat---[USA]
29:Dogs Against Drugs---[USA]
30:West End Kennel Club!---[USA]
31:Serendipity A.Terrier'sHomePage---[USA]