Please walk with the past Cool Dog Sites

Cool DOG Sites of 1997 April

01:The World Famous T-bo & Niko Page
03:Shaggylamb Dog Boots
04:Bill Wood and "The Kids"
05:Woodhaven Labs
06:Poquito's Vizsla Webpages
07:Paws In The Pages
08:Samsara Tibetan Terriers
09:Amazing Grace & Friends
10:Sammy's DogSite for Dogs
11:Home Page of Pletzel the Puli
12:Casey's Gold N Retriever Homepage
14:Solar Kennels Reg`d Perm
15:The Joy of Mutts!
16:Baron's Home Page
17:Planet Pet
18:Hidyho Shelties
19:The Coton News & Information Network
"101 Reasons why I do NOT own a dog" (Selected Monthly Best)
22:"OWL 123's"Wonderful, WAY COOL PETS PAGE!
23:Hank The Cowdog
24:Lucy The Jack Russell Terrier
25:Noah'sArc-Animal Rescue
26:Dog Index
27:Domino Chow Chows WebSite
28:Lhasa Apso Care Page
29:Missy's Springer Spaniel Page
30:The Dog Hause