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Cool DOG Sites of 2006 August

01: Dogs.PK - Dog Breed Information & Breeder Classifieds ---[PAKISTAN]
02: My Lab Taz---[NEW ZEALAND/ Labrador Retriever]
03: My Name is Boo---[MALAYSIA]
04: Little Shop of Terrors---[USA/Chihuahua,Yorkshire Terrier]
05: Merlin the Blind Chow Chow ---[CANADA/Chow Chow,Shar-Pei]
06: Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue Foster Dogs ---[USA/Siberian Husky]
07: Foxlore Toy Fox Terriers---[USA/Toy Fox Terrier]
08: E-Pawz Designer Dog Wear & Accessories---[UK]
09: Costume Dogs ---[CANADA]
10: Furry Friends Web Design ---[USA]
12: Keri Lyn Dog Art ~ That Dog[USA]
14: CyberHound: The Basset Hound Home Page ---[USA/Basset Hound]
15: Chalcy & Kyra Sundance-Dog Act Performance---[USA]
16: Beauty & Relax Villa Kunterbunt  ---[GERMANY]
17: Scooter and Friends ---[NETHERLANDS/Australian Shepherd]
18: Alf the Dog ---[GERMANY]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
19: HollywoodPaws - Where Your Pet Could Become Famous ---[USA]
20: The Reverend Taupe Dog ---[AUSTRALIA]
21: New Leash On Life ---[USA]
22: Landseer "von Burga's Horde"  ---[GERMANY]
23: Bear and Zeke: Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs ---[NEW ZEALAND/German Shepherd Dog]
24: Fox Meadpw's Parson Jack Russel Terrier ---[Slovak Republic/Jack Russel Terrier]
25: Loleks Review ---[GERMANY/Dobermann]
26: Magical Shadows ---[NETHERLANDS/Weimaraner]
27: - Hundebrillen  ---[GERMANY]
29: The Uber Dog---[USA/Labrador]
30: Doggie[USA]