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Cool DOG Sites of 2005 August

01: Help a Bull ---[USA/American Pit Bull Terrier]
02: MastineuM The Old English Mastiff Kennel from Poland---[POLAND/Mastiff]
03: Corradini Labradors---[ITALY/Labrador Retriever]
05: Harger Chihuahuas---[USA/Chihuahua]
06: Barri---[ESTONIA/Great Dane]
08: The Chocolate Lab NYC---[USA]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
09: Free Dog Training Info ---[USA/Labrador Retriever]
10: My Lakeland Terrier ---[USA/ Lakeland Terrier]
11: Giant Dog Community---[USA/Mastiff]
12: Brackendell Golden Retrievers---[AUSTRALIA/Golden Retriever]
13: Abby Creek Studios ---[USA/Mix]
14: Rolling Meadow Kennels & Canine Training, LLC ---[USA/German Shepherd Dog,Cairn Terrier]
15: DoodleUSA---[USA/Goldendoodle]
16: Daisy's Travels ---[USA]
18: for the love of pete! ---[USA/Newfoundland,Golden Retriever,Shih tzu]
19: Greyhound Lifesavers ---[USA/Greyhound,Italian Greyhound]
20: Tcheelepepper's poodles ---[RUSSIA/Miniature Poodle]
21: JuLou Texas Rhodesian Ridgebacks---[USA/Rhodesian Ridgeback]
22: ---[USA]
23: good dogma ---[USA]
24: WOOF! PBS---[USA]
25: BarkenInStyle---[USA]
26: Chinooks Dog Club of America ---[USA/ Chinook]
27: UNchain your dog---[USA]
28: Farleigh's Funnies!---[USA]
29: Zeus & Hera---[CANADA]
30: cyberCANINE---[USA]
31: Wagtime---[USA]