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Cool DOG Sites of 2005 April

01: In Jessie's Garden ---[USA]
02: fetch a dog's dog store---[CANADA]
03: Front and Finish---[USA]
04: German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue---[USA/German Shorthaired Pointer]
05: Dudley, Reginald, Misty and Frances ---[USA/Bagel (half basset / half beagle)]
06: yakuhouse---[HONG KONG/ West Highland White Terrier]
07: Praline Marie's Pug Blog ---[USA/Pug]
08: K-9 Club---[USA/Labrador Retriever]
09: Bichon friskennel Whoopdiel ---[FINLAND]
10: ---[USA/Labrador Retriever]
11: Dog Picture Of The Day---[USA]
12: TheDogSite ---[CANADA]
13: SOS Deutsche Doggen - Great Dane "Rescue" Site in Germany ---[GERMANY/Great Dane]
14: Camp Bow Wow ---[USA/Corgi jack russell mix]
15: Kibbles Place---[USA/Papillon/Dachshund Mix]
16: ---[CANADA]
17:[USA/Bernese Mountain Dog]
19: ---[USA]
20: Chilly Dog - Ultimate Snuggle Bed for Small Pets ---[USA]
21: Dog and Cat Management Board - SA---[Australia]
22: ---[USA]
23: ---[USA]
24: Caleb's Page---[USA]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
25: GoodDogArt---[USA]
26: Snuggle Mutts ---[CANADA]
27: Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia---[Australia/Lowchen]
28: Jammn K9s Flyball Club---[USA]
29: Alimentatia---[Romania]
30: Caratoots Swedish Papillons---[Sweden/Papillon]