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Cool DOG Sites of 2005 February

01: K9-Quencher ---[USA]
02: Big Paw Designs---[USA/mix]
03: Bow Wow TV---[USA/Mix]
05: Crafty Dog Design ---[USA/Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier]
06: Ancient Ridge Kennels Norwegian Elkhound of Greece---[GREECE/Norwegian Elkhound]
07: Black Dog Yoga ---[USA]
08: Mei Li Shih Tzu---[USA/Shih Tzu]
09: Puppypuddles ---[USA/Yorkshire Terrier]
10: Country Day Prep ---[USA/Poodle,Bichon Frise]
11: Spot Organics ---[USA/Akita,Chongqing]
12: A Tribute to Max ---[USA/German Shepherd Dog]
13: Poppy and Pals ---[UK/Mix]
14: Bordercollie simply the best ---[Neatherlands/Border Collie]
15: Sparky of Fabulous Las Vegas---[USA/Jack Russell Terrier,Yorkshire Terrier]
16: Pop ARF ---[USA/Mix]
17: Cool Paws---[USA/Chihuahua,Mix]
18: BostonTales ---[USA/Boston Terrier]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
19: Australian Cattle Dogs Community/Group ---[USA/Australian Cattle Dog]
20: ---[USA]
21: Bullet---[USA/Mix]
22: max---[USA]
23: ---[Denmark/Chihuahua]
24: Chilly Dawg---[USA/German Shepherd Dog]
25: Dog to God---[UK/Spitz]
26: Rolling Meadow Kennels & Canine Training, LLC. ---[USA/German Shepherd Dog,Border Collie]
27: dog-spoiling-made-easy---[USA]
28: Digital Dog---[USA]