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Cool DOG Sites of 2004 February

01: ---[USA/Beagle]
02: Cute Boxers---[USA/Boxer]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
03: The Terrier Club---[USA/Westie and Cairn Terrier]
04: Emma's Home---[USA/Airedale]
05: Max Has The Facts ---[USA]
06: Life with Arthur, the chocolate Miniature Schnauzer ---[USA/Miniature Schnauzer]
07: Early Man Needs Dog ---[CANADA]
08: Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club---[USA/Komondor]
09: Mwhdesign ---[USA/Golden Retriever,Brittany]
10: Schimpis Jack Russell Terrier Seite ---[GERMANY/Jack Russell Terrier]
11: Zach's Shack---[USA/Miniature Schnauzer]
12: Brent Larsen ---[USA/Mix ]
13: Puppy Angel ---[SOUTH KOREA/American Spaniel]
14: Dorgz online store---[SINGAPORE/Miniature Schnauzer]
15: The Dog Food Zone---[USA/Airedale Terrier]
16: Rocco the Snaggletooth ---[USA/French Mastiff,Mix]
17: Ons Nestje---[BELGIUM/American Staffordshire
18: ---[USA/Labrador Retriever]
19: Debern Perm. Reg'd Shetland Sheepdogs ---[CANADA/Australian Shepherd]
20: Folk Photography ---[USA/Whippet]
21: Classical Dogs---[UK/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel]
22: K9 Sweden---[SWEDEN/German Shepherd Dog,Mix]
23: Top Golden Retriever Sites ---[CANADA/Golden Retriever]
25: wagtime---[CANADA/Boston Terrier]
26: V-TAG ---[USA/Fox Terrier]
27: Breeders Domain ---[USA/German Shepherd Dog]
28: Labby - Golden Labrador Retriever---[SINGAPORE/Labrador Retriever]
29: misha---[CANADA/Labrador Retriever]