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Cool DOG Sites of 2003 September

01: Dog Breeder Pro ---[South AFRICA/German Shepherd Dog,Dachshund]
02: Tsunami's Journal---[USA/Great Dane]
03: K9 Top Coat---[USA/Miniature Schnauzer]
04: All about Cavaliers in Romania---[ROMANIA/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel]
05: All Pets Considered ---[USA/Irish Wolfhound,Mix]
06: Sarahjoy Scottish Terriers---[USA/Scottish Terrier]
07: Princess Pugly A Brussels Griffon Agility Dog ---[USA/Brussels Griffon]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
08: My Oscar the Chihuahua Mix!---[USA/Chihuahua Mix]
09: Cute Puppy Dog ---[CANADA/Cocker Spaniel,Golden Retriever]
10: Peppa the Poodle King! ---[USA/ Standard Poodle]
11: Stinkies Pooper Scooping---[USA/Great Dane]
12: Haruka Family Canada ---[CANADA/Mix ]
13: NORDOM CHESAPEAKES ---[USA/Chesapeake]
14: Bney OR Yorkshire Terrier---[ISRAEL/Yorkshire Terrier]
15: DOG & DANCE ---[Belgie]
16: Lovong Hearts Rottweiler & Pit Bull Referral ---[USA/Rottweiler,Pit Bull]
17: Weipowa Weimaraners---[AUSTRALIA/Weimaraner]
18: Shar-Pei-Dogs living on the sunny Island Ibiza ---[Germany]
19: ---[USA]
20: DOGGYDANCE K9 freestyle ---[Neatherlands]
21: Planet Urine---[USA]
22: Basset/Pug Lovers Rescue---[USA]
23: MULTI DOG ---[Neatherlands]
24: Salsa - Australian Cattledog Mix ---[USA]
25: The Senior Dogs Project ---[USA]
26: Dogs of Dayton ---[USA]
27: Greater Swiss Mountaindog and Entlebucher Mountaindog ---[GERMANY/Black Russian Terrier]
28: Kate Connick - dog e-cards ---[USA]
29: Dogs India---[India]
30: Hot Diggety Dawg Photo Contest---[USA]