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Cool DOG Sites of 2003 August

01: Rachael Dillman ---[USA/Malamute/German Sheppard]
02: Les labradors ! ---[France]
03: Molly & Ruby's Hideaway---[USA/Shih Tzu]
04: A Dog and Her Human Companion ---[USA/Cocker Mix]
05: ---[USA]
06: allaboutpetswa---[AUSTRALIA]
07: Stabyhoun Dogs in America ---[USA/Stabyhoun,Pomeranian]
08: Setter Review---[USA/English Setter,Golden Retriever]
09: The Dog Park ---[USA/English Springer Spaniel]
10: Arcticlightning Alaskan Malamutes ---[NEW ZEALAND/ Alaskan Malamute]
11: Sandy's Spot ---[USA/poodle/terrier mix]
12: Canine Cravings, Bakery for Dogs ---[USA/Labrador Retriever ]
13: Majorbull's Just Right ---[USA/Bulldog]
14: Adelka---[CZECH/Yorkshire Terrier]
15: Borders 4 Fun ---[NEATHERLAND/ Border Collie]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
16: Gracie The Lakie ---[USA/Lakeland Terrier]
17: Bull Wall Barkers---[ IRELAND]
18: ---[AUSTRALIA/Collie]
19: Feelgood Treat Co. ---[CANADA/Mix]
20: The Health For Pets, People and Planet! ---[USA/Poodle]
21: Chez Luna Kennels---[AUSTRALIA/Poodle]
22: Shure Pets---[USA]
23: Dogwood Pacesetters Canine Sports Club ---[CANADA]
24: My Princess Daisy *dot* com ---[USA/Beagle]
25: Schultz Homepage ---[AUSTRALIA]
26: Jet's Praetorian Rottweilers ---[GERMANY/Mix]
27: von Maymakan/ Schwarzer Terrier, Black Russian Terrier ---[GERMANY/Black Russian Terrier]
29: Hogan Flys!---[USA/Labrador Retriever,Golden Retriever]
30: Zacks Homepage---[SWEDEN/German Shepherd Dog]
31: pop art pet---[USA]