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Cool DOG Sites of 2003 June

01: Shona, the cairn Terror ---[SINGAPOREs]
02: Swinging Fellow Labrador ---[ITALY]
03: The Alex & Amber Page---[CANADA/Lhasa Apso]
04: Jimbo ---[TAIWAN/Golden Retriever,Poodle]
05: SASKATOON Kennel ---[POLAND/Sealyham Terrier]
06:This is Bubbles's World! ---[USA/Shih Tzu]
07: The Home of South African Boerboels ---[South-Africa]
08: CATULUS---[Poland/Beagle]
09: 100 Puppy Pix ---[Sweden]
10: Bulldog Puppy Morph ---[USA/ Bulldog]
11: DaniWeb Dot Com ---[USA/Yorkie,Maltese]
12: Briggs Bichon Books ---[UK/Bichon Fris]
13: Max Has The Facts ---[USA]
14: 4 Paws University---[USA/Rhodesian Ridgeback]
15: Dodgerslist ---[USA/ Dachshund]
16: Watch Hiddink grow! ---[Neatherland/Tosa]
17: My Golden Dogs---[Neatherland/Golden Retriever]
18: Coton de tulear Pinni---[FINLAND/Coton de Tulear]
19: Viewegs Malinois ---[SWEDEN/Belgian Malinois]
20: Arthur's Pages ---[USA/Beagle]
21: Electric Ennui: Be Psychoanalyzed by a Chihuahua!---[USA/Chihuahua]
22: Maggie's Domain---[CANADA/Boxer]
23: Pet Photography ---[ISRAEL/Akita]
24: Great Danes Kennel "S Isaevskogo podvorya" ---[RUSSIA/Great Dane]
25: Isle Of Lucy---[USA/Giant Schnauzer]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
26: Crissy and Sandy's Home Page ---[CANADA/Whippet,Belgian Malinois]
27: O'Mal Alaskan Malamutes ---[USA/Alaskan Malamute]
28: Kennel Ved Skoven---[DENMARK/Dachshund]
29: Doggy World ---[USA/ Mix]
30: Dog Equipment Review---[DENMARK/Dachshund]