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Cool DOG Sites of 2003 May

01: Central School of Dog Training ---[UK/Collie]
02: Betty Terezie York ---[CZECH/Yorkshire Terrier]
03:, home of the original black dogs..scotties of course! ---[USA/Scottish Terrier]
04: Yorkie Portraits ---[USA/Yorkshire Terrier]
05: Teukka & Nappo - two black miniature schnauzers ---[FINLAND/Miniature Schnauzer]
06: The Abbeydogg Shirt Co. ---[CANADA/Shiba,American Spaniel]
07: Rare breeds and hunting dogs ---[BOLIVIA/Airedale Terrier]
08: Wytoka American Hairless Terriers---[USA/Chinese Crested]
09: janines gsds ---[UK/German Shepherd Dog]
10: Poco the Amazing Circus Dog's House of Furry Fun ---[USA/ Mix]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
11: Cento Scudi ---[ITALY/Great Dane]
12: Diggers Diaries ---[USA/Australian Cattle Dog]
13: Who is that Doggie in The Window ---[CANADA/Golden Retriever]
14: Unofficial Cairn Terrier Club of Poland---[POLAND/Cairn Terrier]
15: Aus Adelsdorf Rottweilers ---[BELGIUM/Rottweiler]
16: ---[UK]
17: Animal Crackers with Hoover & Dolly ---[USA/Basset Hound]
18: No Cats Allowed -- Dogs Only!---[USA/German Shepherd Dog, Cairn Terrier]
19: Azawakh Al-Ifriqiya ---[USA]
20: My Stinky Friend ---[USA/golden labrador]
21: ---[USA/Scottish Terrier,Rat Terrier]
22: Me And My Pitt's---[USA/American Pitt Bull Terrier]
23: Serenity k9 Ranch ---[USA/Boston Terrier]
24: Erino life with papillon ---[JAPAN/Papillon]
25: >>4DOGS.NET<< ---[CANADA]
26: Teddy Treats ---[USA]
27: Collie in Show ---[ITALY/Rough Collie]
28: Australian Cattle Dogs ---[USA/Australian Cattle Dog]
29: Dogmopolitan ---[USA]
30: YAP WEAR---[Australia]
31: Buffalo Pugs---[USA/Pug]