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Cool DOG Sites of 2003 April

01: DOGSITE.RO :: Dog Lovers Portal ---[Romania]
02: Hot Chili`s ---[Luxembourg]
03: Siberian Husky from Russia ---[Russia/Siberian Husky]
04: Premia Kennel ---[Romania/Great Dane]
05: Afghan Hounds in Russia ---[Russia/Afghan Hounds]
06: Achilles Shih Tzu - Shih Tzu Breeder From The Philippines ---[Philippines/Shih Tzu]
07: Briggs Bichon Books ---[UK/Bichon Fris]
08: Riverreed Brittanys ---[AUSTRALIA/Brittany]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
09: ERARDA ---[Lithuania/Great Dane]
10: OnTime Borzoi ---[USA/Borzoi]
11: Von Baker Rottweilers ---[USA/Rottweiler]
12: Von Stallog Rottweilers ---[USA/Rottweiler]
13: Ebon Danes ---[USA/Great Dane]
14: Eddie's Wheels for Pets ---[USA/Doberman Pinscher,Dachshund]
15: thai ridgeback ---[Neatherland/thai ridgeback]
16: L'ira di Rosy ---[ITALY/Great Dane,Mix]
17: Butterfly the Sweet Saint ---[Greece]
18: We are a dog gang from North-Finland ---[FINLAND/Pumi, Collie]
19: Labrador Stuff - Lab Art and Gify Superstore ---[USA/Labrador Retriever]
20: Luvem Chows ---[AUSTRALIA/Chow Chow]
21: Fyreside Kennels ---[Mexico/Miniature Schnauzer]
22: Bound-Around, the Interactive Dog Toy ---[Russia/Golden Retreiver]
23: Pikku-Ukon Sivut ---[Finland /Jack Russell Terrier]
24: DogPiLe Patrol pet waste poop scooping service ---[Thailand/Rottweiler]
25: Woodland Manor Kennel ---[South-Africa/Whippets]
26: Help STOP Humans Attacking Pit Bulls ---[Estonia/Afghan hound]
27: Jasper and Lenore ---[NEW ZEALAND]
28: Petit Blanc Reg. Maltese ---[Russia]
29: A Portrait For You - Dog Portraits ---[South-Africa/Pug]
30: YorkieGirls - Mindy and Mandy's site---[Switzerland]