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Cool DOG Sites of 2003 March

01: Miniature Schnauzer Olimpia`s homepage ---[Lithuania/Miniature Schnauzer]
02: Marde's Canine Friends ---[USA/Bull Terrier]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
03: BULL TERRIER KENNEL ---[Yugoslabia/Bullterriers]
04: GOLDEN RETREIVER ---[Ukraine/Golden Retriever]
05: Animal Haus Chihuahuas ---[USA/Chihuahua]
06: AL KHABARA ---[Estonia/SALUKI]
07: Kennel "Perfect Stranger" ---[Estonia/American Cocker Spaniels]
09: KORIFEJUS ---[Lithuania/Golden Retreiver]
10: Coton de tulear Pinni. Tips, tricks and lovely pics ---[FINLAND/Coton de Tulear]
11: Pug kennel Flash Of Joy ---[Russia/Pug]
12: MY PETS ---[Switzerland/English Cocker Spaniels]
13: Anton Chekhov's homepage ---[Iceland/Borzoi]
14: Kennel MADIGO - Racetypiske Labrador Retrievers ---[Denmark/Labrador Retreiver]
15: Parabellum ---[Estonia/Afghan Hounds]
16: AAPN - Asian Animal Protection Network ---[Hong Kong]
17: BARKING STARS ---[Greece]
18: the Webpage of our beloved pets ---[Ukraine/Labrador Retreiver]
19: EST V CH LV CH STANHOPE SEMU ---[Estonia/Golden Retreiver]
20: My Lakeland Terrier ---[USA/Lakeland Terrier]
21: El Excelente Schnauzer ---[Mexico/Miniature Schnauzer]
22: Stenveyz ---[Russia/Golden Retreiver]
23: Denalibelay Siberian Huskies ---[South-Africa/Siberian Huskies ]
24: A House of Rottweiler ---[Thailand/Rottweiler]
25: CORANDY WHIPPETS ---[South-Africa/Whippets]
26: La Lune de Miel kennel ---[Estonia/Afghan hound]
27: Walk into NZ's Dog Web ---[NEW ZEALAND]
28: Kredo Festa ---[Russia]
29: Biscuit & Pugzelle, the African Pugs ---[South-Africa/Pug]
30: ---[Switzerland]
31: Willsteff`s American Cocker Spaniels ---[Estonia/American Cocker Spaniels]