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Cool DOG Sites of 2003 December

01: Urban Dog ---[USA][Selected Monthly Best Site]
02: Start to Finish Agility Training---[USA]
03: Lhasa Apso Dogs from Topwinning kennel EL MinjaäÒ---[NEATHERLANDS/Lwchen]
04: Aimee's Animals Resuce Resources---[USA/Chinese Crested]
05: My Pampered Pet ---[USA/Rat Terrier]
06: Cagneys Web Page ---[USA/Rat Terrier]
07: Dog Food Nutrition ---[USA/Dalmatian]
08: North Fork Pets And Antiques---[USA/Coonhound]
09: Proux Kennels... chihuahuas on the beach ---[USA]
10: Rangeaire Vision Dog Videos ---[AUSTRALIA/Airedale Terrier]
11: Xin-Feng Chow Chows---[NEATHERLANDS/Chow Chow]
12: Old Yeller's ---[USA ]
13: Bark & Smile® Pet Portraits ---[USA]
14: a tail we could wag---[USA]
15: Serendipity Frenchies---[USA/French Bulldog,Rottweiler]
16: Lake County Animal Services ---[USA/Chi/ terrier mix,McNab]
17: Rolling Meadow Kennels & Canine Training TM---[USA/German Shepherd Dog,Belgian Malinois
18: the adventures of beatdog ---[USA/battery operated mechanical dog]
19: Tobotuk Siberian Huskies ---[USA/Siberian Husky]
20: Pound Puppies ---[USA/German Shepherd Mix,Beagle]
21: Crest-Care Chinese Crested Rescue---[USA/Chinese Crested]
22: Sports For Dogs---[USA]
23: Kissi's Millennium Edition ---[USA/Rhodesian Ridgeback]
24: Toto's Magic ---[USA/ Shih Tzu ]
25: My Tammy---[UK/Golden Retriever]
26: Wienerdog webcam ---[USA/Dachshund]
27: K9 Comedy ---[USA]
29:[USA/Siberian Husky]
30: Live Dog News---[USA]
31: Who is Boochie---[USA/Pekingese]