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Cool DOG Sites of 2003 November

01: "Yours sincerely" Golden Retriever ---[Netherlands/Golden Retriever]
02: Milo---[USA/Bouvier des Flandres]
03: The St. Louis Canine---[USA]
04: CyberChewie---[USA/Chihuahua]
05: Valentine's World ---USA/Mix]
06: Zuti & Maza ---[Bosnia]
07: TalkDogTV. com - Talkin Dog all the time ---[USA]
08: Annann---[Taiwan/Japanese Spitz]
09: Cable Ann ---[USA]
10: The Wagging Taill ---[USA]
11: Whiskey & Gypsy---[USA]
12: Coopers Cavaliers ---[UK/Cavalier King Charles ]
13: Geordi ---[USA]
14: Loopy Linus - One crazy Fox (or Rat) Terrier---[USA/Fox Terrier]
15: Agility Dog by NovaStarr---[USA/German Shepherd Dog]
16: Healthy Dogs ---[SOUTH AFRICA/German Shepherd Dog]
17: The Schnauzer Chronicles---[GERMANY/Miniature Schnauzer]
18: My Faux Paws Apparel ---[USA]
19: Yoshiro: Shiba Inu ---[USA/Shiba Inu]
20: Desirabull Bulldogs ---[USA/Bulldog]
21: Parson Jack Russell Terrier vom Hagen---[GERMANY/Jack Russell Terrier]
22: van de Taisho---[Netherlands/Tosa]
23: The Pup Stop, home of Siri real food dog food for deserving dogs ---[USA/Boxer/Shepherd,Boxer/Lab]
24: Pauli's Place ---[URUGUAY/Pug,Rottweiler]
25: SPOTsf---[USA/Chihuahua]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
26: Fantahausen Doebrmanns ---[CANADA/Doberman Pinscher]
27: Dusty Creations ---[USA/Welsh Corgi,Border Collie]
29: ToodleyDoo Petsitting Service---[USA/Maltese,Border Collie]
30: Fremery Bouviers---[Netherlands/Bouvier des Flandres]