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Cool DOG Sites of 2003 October

01: The Lillian the Chihuahua Web Site ---[USA/Chihuahua]
02: AKITOS---[ISRAEL/Akita]
03: Rajki Vizsla's---[USA/Vizsla]
04: Hardrock Kennel---[USA/American Eskimo]
05: Ztoy Poodles ---[AUSTRALIA/Toy Poodle]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
06: Weave - Dog Agility Equipment---[USA/Brussels Griffon]
07: underbite ---[USA/Labrador Retriever,English Springer Spaniel]
08: The Original Pet Postings---[USA/Flat-Coated Retriever]
09: BadAssCandles ---[USA]
10: Dog and Handler Magazine: All Dog Sports ---[USA]
11: The Dog Scene---[UK]
12: Dog Search Engine ---[USA ]
13: Schröders Hundeleben ---[GERMANY]
14: Yukon---[USA]
15: Sound Effects for your Dog---[USA]
16: Hair of the Dawg Cartoons ---[USA/Rottweiler,Pit Bull]
17: Taking the Lead with Gill Minter---[UK]
18: Marc Lamers Virtual Gallery ---[Neatherlands]
19: Dogopolis in Clayvision ---[USA]
20: Pug ---[USA]
21: Dog's I View---[USA]
22: Strange Foreign Objects in Dog---[USA]
23: Good Dog Magazine ---[USA]
24: Butch and Friends ---[GERMANY]
25: Dog Hobbyist---[USA]
26: Diamond Digital.TV web site ---[USA/Chow Chow,American Pit Bull Terrier]
27: Calliope Bouvier Des Flandres ---[BARBADOS/Bouvier des Flandres]
28: Top Dog Photos: When your dog pictures matter ---[USA]
29: Travel Pets---[USA]
30: Tucker---[USA]
31: Loleks Review---[GERMANY/Dobermann]