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Cool DOG Sites of 2003 January

01: Balsy ---[PHILIPPINES/Rottweiler]
02: Labraharvest ---[CANADA/Labrador Retreiver]
03: GearForDogs by Free Spirit Outfitter ---[USA]
05: Nebraska Animal Rescue ---[USA/Mix]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
06: LOOPY ---[USA/Dachshund]
07: Poodle Place ---[USA/Poodle]
08: DJRT ---[SINGAPORE/Jack Russell Terrier]
09: Caulderwood Puppy Farm and Transport Service ---[USA/Beagle]
10: Location Earth Dog Tags ---[USA/Mix]
11: ~DoGgIe^FoReVeR eVeR ShInInG StaR Of DoGgIe WorLd~ ---[SINGAPORE]
12: Matchpet ---[INDIA]
13: Misha - Friendly Bear !---[CANADA/Mix]
14: Bama's Natural Instinct/11th Hour Rescue ---[USA/Mix,English Cocker Spaniel]
15: all critters great and small ---[USA/West Highland White Terrier,Coonhound]
16: PetFindNZ ---[NEW ZEALAND/Mix]
17: Fidogear ---[USA/Mix]
18: Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog Theatre ---[CANADA/Keeshond]
19: Mid West Mushers ---[UK/Alaskan husky,German Short hair pointer mix]
20: No-Nonsense's Bearded Collies ---[BELGUIM/Beardedcollie]
21: of Bullyhouse ---[AUSTRIA/French Bulldog]
22: NahaÅL?i ---[Czech Republik]
23: Hlebarov's Home Page ---[Bulgaria/Afghan Hounds]
24: Tornjak Dani Homepage---[Croatia]
25: Z KovaÅLrny : Belgian Sheepdogs & Border Collies ---[Czech Republik]
26: Familie Nairz aus Innsbruck -Hundesportseiten- ---[Austria]
27: Cristalmar Cao Dagua ---[Brazil/Portuguese Water]
28: Widrano HomePage ---[Croatia]
29: Le Pr du Vieux Pont Groenendael ---[Belgium/Groenendael]
30:St' James Cockers---[Brazil]
31:PekineÅLz - ch. st. BOHEMIA ORCHIS---[Czech Republik]