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Cool DOG Sites of 2002 September

01: Dogpatch Doghouse ---[USA]
02: The Straight Poop ---[USA]
03: Super K9 ---[USA]
04: ---[USA]
05: ---[USA]
06: Furbaby Fashion ---[USA]
07: The Daily Dachshund ---[USA/Dachshund]
08: My Goofy Dogs: Harvey, Wiley & Miki ---[USA/Basset]
09: Literate Kritturs ---[USA]
10: ---[USA/Pointer]
11: The Saint Bernard ---[USA/Saint Bernard]
12: Chloe's World ---[AUSTRALIA/Labradoodle]
13: Gentlemen By Nature English Setters ---[SWEDEN/English Setter]
14: Baylor ---[USA]
15: deanshaven irish setters ---[UK/Irish Setter]
16: Feed Belle ---[USA/Chihuahua]
17: Bellagio Collies ---[USA/Smooth Collie]
18: Welsh und Schwarze Terrier "of Welsh Fargo ---[GERMANY/Welsh Terrier]
19: leopold ---[USA/Weimaraner]
20: NSAL America ---[USA/Mix]
21: Anna in San Francisco ---[USA/Chow Chow]
22: Biscuit's Place ---[USA/Chihuahua]
23: ---[USA/Shih Tzu]
24: Sexy LEXY the Westie ! ---[USA/West Highland White Terrier]
25: Sunny's Home ---[USA/Doberman Pinscher]
26: Canine team Mates ---[USA/Clumber Spaniel]
27: Meiyosho Akitas ---[ NIGERIA/American Spaniel]
My Dog Won't Eat and other dog tales ---[USA/Jack Russell Terrier][Selected Monthly Best Site]
29: Pet Memorial Tree Planting ---[USA]
30: Mardovar Kennels ---[USA/Golden Retriever]