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Cool DOG Sites of 2002 June

01: my dog looks like pete sampras dot com ---[USA]
02: Cycling round europe with two dogs ---[Europe]
03: WebCorgi.Net ---[NETHERLAND/Welsh Corgi]
04: Våra Djur Newfoundlands ---[SWEDEN/Newfoundland]
05: ---[USA]
06: Mrs. Dooker - Renaissance Pup ---[USA]
07: Bodhi's Site ---[USA/Dorberman]
08: Donna's Dog Cards of the World ---[USA]
09: A Wonderful Weimaraner ---[USA/Weimaraner]
10: Hudak - Moe Doghouse ---[USA]
11: Bud's Custom-made labrador Dog Jewelry ---[USA/Labrador Retriever]
12: Nefer - Temu Pharaoh Hounds ---[USA/Pharaoh Hounds]
13: Foxstone Maltese Dogs ---[USA/Maltese]
14: Samson's Doghouse ---[USA]
15: Canine Pharm ---[USA]
16: Lynallan Whippets ---[CANADA/Whippet]
17: Crossbow Staffordshire Bull Terriers ---[SOUTH AFRICA/Staffordshire Bull Terrier]
18: Bulhaven Bullmastiffs ---[USA/Bullmastiff]
19: Cats & Canines ---[UK/Mix]
20: Australian Cattle Dogs ---[USA/Australian Cattle Dog]
21: SebatoPower ---[GERMANY/English Springer Spaniel]
22: Roxys Adventures ---[USA/Lhasa Apso]
23: Well Bred Designs ---[USA/German Shepherd]
24: Pampered Puppy ---[CANADA/Pug]
25: Fuglehund og Jakt (Birddog and hunt) ---[NORWAY/Pointer,Brittany]
26: The Puppourri! ---[USA/German Shepherd Dog]
27: le Terre-neuve Bjnungen ---[FRANCE/Newfoundland]
28: ---[USA/Welsh Corgi][Selected Monthly Best Site]
29: Kiwis Homepage ---[AUSTRIA/Australian Terrier]
30: wastiff ---[USA/Poodle]