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Cool DOG Sites of 2002 May

01: MarLee Hounds... home of Rigby, Max & Mia ---[USA/Bloodhound,Basset Hound]
02: tanjiatms ---[CANADA/Mix,Jack Russell Terrier]
03: Pet ---[USA]
04: Charly geht online ---[GERMANY/Newfoundland]
05: DogTempest ---[ UK/Mix]
06: Devil Dog Ranch ---[USA/Labrador Retriever,Chow]
07: Karoskloof Rhodesian Ridgebacks from South Africa ---[SOUTH AFRICA/Rhodesian Ridgeback]
08: Zanajulles Siberians & Chow Chows ---[AUSTRALIA/Siberian Husky]
09: Blue Gardian Angels ---[BELGIUM/Afghan Hound]
10: Twister Cleo's Jack Russell Site ---[USA/Jack Russell Terrier]
11: Pet-Wear ---[USA]
12: Rin Tin Tin ---[USA/Italian Greyhound,Border Collie]
13: Barking Stars Malinois & Dobermann ---[GREECE/Malinois,Doberman Pinscher]
14: Doggone Good! ---[USA/Australian Shepherd]
15: MUSSE SPEAKS OUT ---[SWEDEN/Amrican Cocker Spaniel,Lhasa Apso]
16: Rysup Keeshonden & Lhasa Apsos ---[AUSTRALIA/Lhasa Apso,Keeshond]
RudderCam ---[USA/Mix][Selected Monthly Best Site]
18: Vista Yorkshire Terriers ---[USA/Yorkshire Terrier]
19: Dracos page ---[USA/Boxer]
20: The English Cocker Spanial World Website ---[USA/English Cocker Spanial]
21: Tippie's Place ---[USA/Shih Tzu]
22: Bouvier Topline ---[NETHERLAND]
23: Dogs Worldwide Photo Album ---[NETHERLAND]
24: Almost-Human Cat and Dog collar and I.D. Tag ---[USA]
25: Hot Shot & his friends ---[SWEDEN/Brussels Griffon,Belgian Griffon]
26: ---[USA]
27: GraceO' My Sunshine ---[USA/Dachshund]
28: Sim & Prince ---[SWEDEN/English Setter]
29: Swedish Golden Retrievers Raspberry Robin et al ---[SWEDEN/Golden Retriever]
30: PoGo's Puppy Pals Play House ---[USA]