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Cool DOG Sites of 2002 April

01: MacTavish's Photo Gallery ---[USA/Rhodesian Ridgeback]
02: Kennel Ved Skovens ---[Denmark/Dachshund]
03: Arthur's Boxer Page ---[USA/Boxer]
04: Dotty Dogs Dream ---[USA/Dalmatian,Mix]
05: KENNY'S COCKERS ---[USA/Rhodesian Ridgeback]
06: The Internet Lost and Found ---[USA/Labrador Retriever]
07: Troy the Airedale ---[NEW ZEALAND/Airedale Terrier]
08: Husker's World ---[USA/Golden Retriever,Mix]
09: Braxenburg Rottweilers ---[ CANADA/Rottweiler]
10: -=Roxy=- (VonSullStein) ---[NEATHERLANDS/German Shepherd Dog]
11: Darboshea Tervuren ---[USA/Belgian Tervuren]
12: Chelsea MacFarlane's Web Page ---[CANADA/Golden Retriever]
13: America Canine Search and Rescue Photos Tribute Slideshow ---[USA/German Shepherd Dog]
14: Enter Lily Hill Cotons ---[USA/Coton de Tulear]
15: "Szabadka kincse"YU komondor kennel ---[SERBIA/Komondor]
16: Suitkees-keeshonden ---[AUSTRALIA/Keeshond]
17: Greater Jacksonville Disc & Dog Club ---[USA/Border Collie,Alaskan Malamute,Mix]
18: ---[USA/Pomeranian]
19: Home of the Original Warm Fuzzies ---[USA/Keeshond]
20: Libby Lou ---[USA/Italian Greyhound]
21: Heartbandits ---[USA/American Toy Eskimo]
22: Buster ---[USA/Boston Terrier]
23: The Lang Institute for Canine Health, LLC ---[USA]
24: Life is Short. Eat Biscuits. ---[USA]
25: "Unleash the Flavor!" ---[USA/Golden Retriever]
26: The Florida Kees ---[USA/Keeshond]
27: TanyaÉGs Corner ---[SWEDEN/Labrador Retriever]
28: Lowchens of Australia ---[AUSTRALIA/Lowchen]
29: Tuvas hemsida ---[SWEDEN/Mix]
Tamara's Golden Retriever Site ---[AUSTRIA/Golden Retriever]][Selected Monthly Best Site]