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Cool DOG Sites of 2002 February

01: SKINNER ZONE ---[USA/ Blue Tick,Bull Mastiff]
02: Custom Pet Portraits ---[USA/Terrier mix]
03: The Web's Hottest Aussie Twins ---[USA/Australian Cattle Dog]
04: Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club ---[USA/Vizsla]
05: Boxer2000 ---[GERMANY/Boxer]
06: The Wizard of Aus-OurTotos. ---[AUSTRALIA/CairnTerrier]
07: TopGSD - German Shepherd Importing ---[GERMANY/German Shepherd Dog]
08: Amadeus. Tequila and Simba (Dogue de Bordeaux)---[NEATHERLAND/ Dogue de Bordeaux]
09: ---[USA/ScottishTerrier]
10: Covey Run Kennels ---[USA/German Shorthaired Pointer (Deutsch Kurzhaar)]
11: aniwa ---[FRANCE]
12: Our New Lab ---[USA/Labrador Retriever]
13: hike with your dog ---[USA/Mix]
14: Fur All Over ---[USA/Mix]
15: The Sugar Shack ---[USA/Chihuahua]
16: Ellz Kennels ---[AUSTRALIA/many]
17: ---[USA/Jack Russell Terrier][Selected Monthly Best Site]
18: Haruka Family Canada ---[CANADA/Sammoyed, Malamute&Husky Mix]
19: Jewles Silky Terrriers ---[USA/Silky Terrier]
20: Man's Best Friend ---[USA/German Shepherd Dog]
21: Six Dog Studio ---[USA/Mix]
23: Ivylane Boxers ---[USA/Boxer]
24: Louisdog ---[SOUTH KOREA/Shih Tzu]
25: Spencers Homepage ---[AUSTRALIA/Dachshund]
26: Scrappy ---[USA/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel]
27: Memorial Cards & Book Markers for Pets Everywhere ---[USA/German Shorthair Pointer]
28: Home of the Original Warm Fuzzies ---[USA/Keeshond]