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Cool DOG Sites of 2002 December

01: Wiggilou Wear ---[USA/West Highland White Terrier,Welsh Corgi]
02: dog mcuk ---[UK]
03: Harry & Potter's Illustrated Dachshund & Small Dog Care Guide ---[HONG KONG/Doberman Pinscher,Dachshund]
04: maryostore ---[USA]
05: Mastinidogs ---[USA]
06: Wagging Tails ---[CANADA]
07: Doggie Denim Fun Fashions ---[USA]
08: Marinmor Victorian Bulldogs ---[UK]
09: Aus Adelsdorf ---[BELGIUM]
10: Specialty T-Shirts for your Dogs!....The DShirt ---[USA]
11: Andrea's Hounds ---[ROMANIA]
12: Michele's Bark-n-Purr Toy Store ---[USA]
13: Lonewolf Dogwear---[USA]
14: Can Pere Boxers ---[SPAIN/Boxer]
15: Intrends Boxers ---[AUSTRALIA/Boxer]
16: Dilly Doodles ---[CANADA]
[Selected Monthly Best Site]
17: Dilemma Shih Tzu ---[CROATIA/Shih Tzu]
18: Grizzly Eve's Den ---[CANADA]
19: Astrochoc Labradors ---[AUSTRALIA/Labradors]
20: Kerimbai's Akua-ba ---[GERMANY]
21: The Real McCoy's ---[USA]
22: Tao by Shih Tzu ---[ARGENTIA/Shih Tzu]
23: Four On The Floor Petwear ---[USA]
24: Acte Shih Tzu---[POLAND]
25: Spots Wear ---[USA]
26: MaxiMates English Cockers ---[SWEDEN]
27: Jet's Rottweilers ---[PHILIPPINES]
28: Spirit Wolf Creek ---[USA]
29: Happy-K9-Dogs-Holland ---[USA]
30:RaymondäÒ Homepage---[SWEDEN/Yorkshire Terrier]
31:Dear Dog---[USA]