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Cool DOG Sites of 2002 January

01: Rand Park Dog Training Club, Inc. ---[USA/Boxer]
02:Strike K-9 Search and Rescue ---[USA] ---[NEW ZEALAND/Australian Cattle Dog]
04: ---[USA/Jack Russell Terrier]
05:Scary Stories Inc ---[USA]
06: The Paw House ---[USA]
07: Leonberger kennel Of Usquebaugh ---[NEATHERLAND/Leonberger]
08: Pebbles's Place ---[USA/Shetland Sheepdog,Miniature Schnauzer]
09: ChaHar's Miniature Pinschers ---[USA/Miniature Pinscher]
10: Hound Gear ---[USA/Basset Hound]
11:Primetime Bulldogs ---[USA/Bulldog]
12:Dusty's main page ---[USA/Mix]
13:Pets Place ---[USA/Golden Retriever]
14: The Thurston Files ---[USA/Golden Retriever]
15:Zoya's homepage ---[SWEDEN/Chow Chow]
16:Jack & Viviana's Run ---[USA/Jack Russell Terrier]
17:Nyssa's New Wheels! ---[USA/Dachshund]
18: Archie miniature schnauzer black/silver ---[NORWAY/Miniature Schnauzer]
19:Shar-Pei-Dogs in Ibiza ---[SPAIN/Shar-Pei]
20: VetShopOnline ---[AUSTRALIA]
21: Pugtastic ---[USA/Pug]
22:TAM TAM FRANCE ---[France]
Spike's Homepage ---[USA/Leon Russell][Selected Monthly Best Site]
25:Poncho's Pages ---[USA]
26: Senssas and Saphir ---[USA]
27: Alex's Funny Bone ---[USA]
28: Syl and Mo.....on the web ---[USA]
29:Tiki^The Lhasa Apso ---[USA/Lhasa Apso ]
30:Rock Dobermanns's ---[USA]
31: Reading Rover ---[USA]