Please walk with the past Cool Dog Sites

Cool DOG Sites of 2001 September[USA]
02:The Maverick and Charlie Show ---[USA/Labrador]
03: Tibetan Spaniel Network---[USA]
04:Xene's Command Post ---[USA]
05:vom Feuerwald Rottweilers ---[FINLAND/Rottweiler]
06:Dog Shot ---[USA]
07:Cardogz - cars and dogs ---[USA]
08:Murphy's World ---[USA/Beagle]
09:ecKo DoGs ---[USA/Beagle]
10: Images of Man's Best Friend - Paula Cunningham, Artist ---[USA/Jack Russell Terrier]
11: the dog gallery ---[AUSTRALIA]
12:everything but the pup ---[USA/French Bulldog]
13:Ali American Bulldogs ---[DENMARK/American Bulldog]
14:UberPest's Journal ---[USA/ACD X Catahoula, Catahoula Leopard Stock Dog]
15: Scooter and Friends ---[NEATHERLAND]
16:Scribbles Corner - Dog Clothing ---[USA/ Yorkshire Terrier]
17: Remington Russells ---[CANADA/Jack Russell Terrier]
18: Lyyti Shih Tzu ---[FINLAND/Shih Tzu]
19: The Dog House ---[USA/Great Dane,Basset Hound]
20:The House of Hamle ---[PHILIPPINES/Great Dane,Yorkie,Chihuahua]
21: Puglife ---[AUSTRALIA/Pug]
22:Uncle Matty's Dog training ---[USA]
23: Bonnie's Home Page ---[USA/Boston Terrior]
24: The Dogman ---[USA]
25:MuggShots.Com ---[USA]
26: Leader Dogs for the Blind ---[USA]
27:DogAholic ---[USA]
:ANNIE:DIARY OF A BAD GIRL - a novel by Robe... ---[USA] [Selected Monthly Best Site]
29:Francis's DogHouse ---[USA]
30:PetStation ---[USA]