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Cool DOG Sites of 2001 August

01:3 Dogfaces ---[USA/Jack Russell Terrier,Shih Tzu]
02:Tobik the Pug ---[CZECH/Pug]
03: Bone Appetit ---[USA]
04: Warrick Humane Society ---[USA/Aussie mix]
05: Leyenda Aussies ---[USA/Australian Shepherd]
Bostons in Texas ---[USA/Boston Terrier] [Selected Monthly Best Site]
07:Truman the Doberdude ---[USA/Doberman Pinscher]
08:Roxy's Place ---[USA/Mix]
09:GOOFY DOGS ---[USA/Basset Hound,Mix]
10: Westie Wishes ---[USA]
11: I Love Newfies Online Newf E-Zine ---[USA/Newfoundland]
12:Shotzie the Weiner Dog ---[USA/Dachshund]
13:Dog Rules ---[CANADA]
14:The WAG Way Animal Shelter, Whistler, BC, Canada ---[CANADA/ Mix]
15: Scooter's World ---[UGANDA/ Gerber Dog,Lhaso Apso]
16:Border Collie Trust GB ---[UK/Border Collie]
17: Truro & District Canine Society ---[UK/Borzoi]
18: Howlin' Moon Bakery ---[USA/Bulldog]
19: Greater Houston Pembroke Welsh Corgi Fanciers ---[USA/Welsh Corgi]
20:Icelandic Sheepdog ---[USA]
21: My Pup Mojo ---[CANADA/ Mix]
22:Stellaaa, the Black Dog ---[CANADA/ Labrador Retriever]
23: Showdogs UK ---[UK/Doberman Pinscher]
24: Dogs with Jobs ---[CANADA]
25:Kennel Veronicabox, smooth - and longcoated chihuahuas ---[SWEDEN/Chihuahua]
26: Angel ---[CANADA/ Jack Russell Terrier,Shih-Tzu and Something Else]
27:Lindy and Friends, INC. ---[USA/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel]
28:Dog Fun UK ---[UK/Doberman]
29:Pablo's Homepage ---[NEATHERLAND/Dalmatian]
30:Vallange Westies ---[UK/Westies]
31:Chyndadn's Canine Humor & Heart ---[USA]