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Cool DOG Sites of 2001 July

01:Dog and Pet Friendly Hotel, Guest House Co.,Ltd ---[UK]
02:The Dog's Best Friend ---[USA]
03:International Sheep Dog Society ---[UK]
04:National canine Defence League ---[UK]
05:== Bakima Imani == ---[GERMANY/Rhodesian Ridgeback]
06:Hearing Dog for Deaf People Home Page ---[UK]
07:The Boxer Map: Boxer Rescue & Breeder Locator for the US, Canada & Europe ---[USA/Boxer]
08: artist,cartoonist,illustrator:Great Dane ---[UK/Great Dane]
09:Mr Chippy Chips! ---[UK/Labrador Retriever]
10: The Dog Scene ---[UK]
11:Dog Tricks, Tips and Insights ---[USA/American Toy Eskimo]
12:All about My Boxers ---[USA/Boxer]
13:Dogs As Art ---[USA/Labrador Retriever,Golden Retriever] ---[USA]
15:Funny Pet Pictures ---[USA] ---[UK]
17:Dog Fun with jade the Doberman ---[UK]
18: jack Russell terrier club of america ---[USA/Jack Russell Terrier]
19: Druttens hemsida ---[SWEDEN/Labrador Retriever]
20:Children love Animals Foundation ---[ROMANIA/Mix,English Cocker Spaniel]
21:the spiteful mutt ---[LUXEMBOURG/Mix,Alaskan Malamute]
22:Tanglewood Island Wolfdogs ---[USA/wolfdog]
3 Weird Dutch miniature Schnauzers ---[NEATHERLANDS/Miniature Schnauzer] [Selected Monthly Best Site]
24: PetsInTheWeb ---[PHILIPPINES/Mixed]
25:Sibrun's Kennel Management Program ---[AUSTRALIA/Siberian Husky]
26:North Shore Animal League America ---[USA]
27:Rosie the Rat Dog ---[USA]
28:Oli Whippet's Home Page ---[SLOVENIA/Whippet]
29:Sgt. Pepper Endres ---[USA/MIX]
30: Practical Pet Care ---[USA/Alaskan Malamute,Labrador Retriever]
31:Chihuahua Top Dogs ---[USA/Chihuahua]