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Cool DOG Sites of 2001 June

01:Corgi Dog House ---[USA/Welsh Corgi]
02:Round 2 Rescue ---[USA/Boxers]
03:Matilda's Homepage ---[BOSNIA/Bulldog]
04:Adorable Alasakan Klee Kai of Widdershin Estates ---[USA/Alaskan Klee Kai]
05:Nightsun Airedale Terriers ---[CANADA/Airedale Terriers]
06:Dane Tales ---[UKRAINE/Great Dane]
07:OLD BOY'S kennel ---[YUGOSLAVIAugoslavia/St. Bernard]
08: Tiberius the Pug Dog ---[CANADA/Pug]
09:Tijuana Chihuahuas ---[GERMANY/Chihuahuas]
10: Pet Planet ---[DENMARK/Alaskan Malamute]
11:Pets Heaven ---[UK/Dalmatian,Mix]
12:Blizmajazz kennel ---[SWEDEN/Leonberger]
13:Dawg Blawg ---[USA/Boston Terrier,Pug]
14:dogs away ---[UK]
15:Carolina Siberian Rescue ---[USA/Siberian Husky]
16:Merlin's Page ---[USA/Mix]
17:Chowdown Kennels ---[USA/Chow Chows]
18:Uk Chat Groups ---[UK/Belgian Tervuren]
19: The Hound House ---[CANADA/Beagle,beagle/basset cross]
20:Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue, Inc. ---[USA/Siberian Husky]
21:Dragnpaw Shar-pei ---[AUSTRALIA/Shar-Pei]
22:*.:shanty creek kennels:.* ---[USA/Border Collie]
23:Gryffyn's Aeyrie Borzoi ---[USA/Borzoi]
24:The Ultimate Guide to Border Terriers ---[UK/Border Terrier]
25:The ---[USA]
couch-hunter ---[GERMANY/Pointer] [Selected Monthly Best Site]
27:Phoenix and Scout, the Odd Couple ---[USA/Weimaraner,Schnoodle]
28:First Class Dog Training School ---[USA]
29:Old English ---[USA/Old English Sheepdog] ---[USA/Whippet]