Please walk with the past Cool Dog Sites

Cool DOG Sites of 2001 May

01:Winchell the Wonderdog---[USA]
02:Border Collie, the Netherlands---[NETHERLANDS]
03:HOME RESCUE for the rehoming of unwanted gods---[UK]
04:vom Feuerwald Rottweilers---[FINLAND/Rottweilers]
05:Klay9 Kreations:CustomDogSculptures---[USA/Jack Russell Terrier]
06:too good for dogs---[UK]
07:The Dog Home Battersea---[UK]
08: ---[USA/Jack Russell Terrier]
09:See Rudy Run---[USA,Mix]
10: The Top Dog Humor Sites List---[USA]
12:The Falcon's Nest &Terry's Pet Help---[USA/Anatolian Shepherd Dog]
13:Canadian Canine Registry---[CANADA/rotti]
14:Quotable Dogs---[USA]
15:Bushy Barney: The White House Scottish Terrier---[USA/Scottish Terrier]
16:Gou Gou our pet dog ---[USA]
17:Lowchens of Australia---[AUSTRALIA/Lwchen]
18:Tasha's Web Site ---[USA/Black Lab Mixdog]
19:Bubino's World ---[USA/Mix,Coton de Tulear]
20:Master Dane ---[USA/Great Dane]
21:Boulder ShihTzu Rescue ---[USA/ShihTzu]
22:Bullslobbers Goffy Cutouts ---[USA/Bulldog] ---[USA/Mix]
24:Still Life With Animated Dogs ---[USA/ShihTzu]
25:Universal Dogs ---[USA] ---[USA/Whippet,Golden Retriever]
The Scoop, Dogs in the News ---[USA/Newfoundland,Boxer] [Selected Monthly Best Site]
28:Dog Water, Inc. ---[USA/ShihTzu]
29:It's Boris ---[USA/Pug]
30:Delor Kennel ---[ITALY/Italian Bracco]
31:Canine Planet ---[UK/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel]