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Cool DOG Sites of 2001 December

01: Daisys DogHouse ---[USA/Mix]
02:Angel-Lite Maltese ---[USA/Maltese]
03:Rockin'"P"Rescue ---[USA/Boxer]
04: European Boxer Zone ---[CANADA/Boxer]
05:The complete dogsite! ---[USA/Flat-Coated Retriever]
06: Ernie & Shari's Adorable AKC Chow Chow's ---[USA/Chow Chow]
07:Brancaleone Bullmastiff ---[ITALY/Bullmastiff]
08:white boxer homepage ---[CROATIA/Boxer]
09: Kates Kennel ---[CANADA/German Shepherd Dog]
10: Guinness ---[USA/Labrador Retriever]
11:Umbrella pets ---[CANADA/Rottie-dobbi mix]
12:The hounds of Heaven ---[USA/Irish Wolfhounds]
13:Fido Carolina ---[USA/Mix]
14: College Fund Tree Farm ---[USA/Labrador Retriever]
15: Meghan's Home Page ---[USA/Miniature Schnauzer]
16:The adventures of Bip the pugnacious poodle ---[AUSTRALIA/ Poodle,Labrador Retriever]
17:All About Skyler ---[USA/ Shetland Sheepdog,Border Collie]
18: ---[DENMARK/Pug,Dachshund]
19:A Dog To Guide Me ---[USA/Labrador Retriever,Dachshund]
20: Mis Yorkies ---[SPAIN/Yorkies]
21: BowWowBakery ---[CANADA/West Highland WhiteTerrier]
22:Ajax and Hero ---[USA/Boxer]
23: My Tammy ---[UK/Golden Retriever]
24: Cati's German Shorthaired Pointer Page ---[ROMANIA/German Shorthaired Pointer]
Harry's Place ---[CANADA/Welsh Corgi][Selected Monthly Best Site]
26: PAWS Animal Rescue ---[IRELAND]
27: Dizzyand Bertie's Deaf Dogs information site ---[UK]
28: People And Dogs Society ---[UK]
29:TeckelOnline ---[NEATHERLAND/Dachshund]
30:Dober'Toons! ---[USA/Doberman Pinscher]
31: Shelties in the White Dog House ---[USA/ Shetland Sheepdog, Mix]