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Cool DOG Sites of 2001 November

01:Puplinks: All About Dogs ---[USA]
02:The Dandy Lil' Doghouse! ---[USA/Mix]
03:Sunpup Gallery ---[CANADA]
04: Henceforth's Yorkshire Terriers ---[NORWAY/Yorkshire Terrier]
06:WOOF! Online ---[CANADA/Labrador Retriever]
07:Western Guide Dog Foundation ---[CANADA]
08:Weybridge Flat Coated Retrievers ---[USA/Flat-Coated Retriever]
09:Allegro Siberian Huskies ---[CANADA/Siberian Husky]
10: The Corgi Gallery ---[NEATHERLAND/Welsh Corgi,Boxer]
11:Furperson Journal ---[USA/Old English Sheepdog,Labrador Retriever]
12:RufousB ---[AUSTRALIA/Staffordshire Terrier]
13:Rhodesian Ridgebacks Paul und Ch. Heshima ya Kimba Bamboo Bo-Do ---[GERMANY/Rhodesian Ridgeback]
14:Ozzy's site ---[BELGIUM/appenzeller sennenhund, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog]
OzzyThePug ---[USA/Pug,Alaskan Malamute][Selected Monthly Best Site]
16: Sasal Poodles ---[UK/Poodle] - Great Dane's Site ---[UKRAINE/Mix]
18:Nukldusta Kennels ---[AUSTRALIA/Dogue de Bordeaux,Shar-Pei]
19:MyDailyCartoon ---[USA/Labrador Retriever]
20: We're just a couple of Norwich Terriers out to have a little fun . . . ---[USA/Norwich and Norfolk Terrier]
21: Dr. Dog Health Care and Pet Mart ---[USA]
22:Loral Italian Greyhounds ---[ LATVIA/Italian Greyhound]
23: Sasha's Niagara Tour ---[USA/White Shepherd]
25:Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue ---[USA/Golden Retriever]
26:My Friends and Me ---[AUSTRALIA/Mix]
27: Where Thalia is Queen ---[UAE/ Pug]
28: 2 Collies and a Hound ---[USA/ Border Collie]
29:Jordelette brittany kennels ---[AUSTRALIA/Brittany]
30:Unique Dog Art ---[USA/Boston Terrier]