Please walk with the past Cool Dog Sites

Cool DOG Sites of 2001 October ---[USA]
02:Kangal Dog home Page ---[USA]
03:Tibetan Kennel Atsharba`s ---[GERMANY/Tibetan Terrier]
04:Albert's World ---[USA/Boston Terrior, Dorberman]
05:Dogs for the Deaf. Inc ---[USA]
06:InfoDog ---[USA]
07:The World's First Flying Dics ---[USA]
08:Legends of the Paw ---[USA]
09:Dan the Doggone Dog ---[USA]
10: The World of Sam the Dog ---[USA] ---[USA]
12:CyberCanine ---[USA]
13:The Malinut page ---[USA]
14:Extreme Dogs ---[CANADA]
15: The Back Yard - Dpg Collectibles ---[USA]
16:La Cotonnerie ---[CANADA]
17:All Things Are PAWSible ---[USA]
18:Double Trouble ---[USA/Labrador Retriever]
19:Borzoi Cool Run Hounds ---[USA]
20:The Lucky and Liest Show ---[USA]
21:Chinooks Worldwide ---[USA]
22:Courteous Canines, LLC ---[USA]
23: dog in the city ---[USA/Labrador Retriever]
24: Walker AFB Sentry Dogs ---[USA/German Shepherd Dog]
25: ---[USA/ Great Dane]
Hugo the World White Westie ---[NEATHERLAND/ West Highland White Terrier][Selected Monthly Best Site]
27: Missouri Earthdogs ---[USA/ Jack Russell Terrier,Mixed]
28: Tribute To Pets ---[CANADA/Labrador Retriever]
29:Kibby & Mindy ---[USA/Dachshund]
30:Hot Diggitty Dog ---[CANADA/GreatPyrenees]
31:My dogsite ---[SWEDEN/ Greater Swiss Mountain Dog,Entlebucher Mountaindog]