Please walk with the past Cool Dog Sites

Cool DOG Sites of 2000 December

01:Welcome to the DoggyWorldL---[NORWAY,Welsh Corgi]
02: Dachshund's Only-Picture of the Week Webpage---[USA,Dachshund]
03:Derbyshire Dog Agility Club---[UK,Mix]
04:Ubi the Smooth Fox Terrier & Jeeves the Great Dan---[USA,Great Dane and a Smooth,Fox Terrier]
05:all dogs of the world---[NEATHERLAND,Mix]
06:Dog AID (Assistance In Disability)---[UK]
07:Anjuli Reg.ShihTzu---[CANADA,Shih Tzu]
08:William and Kami Lin---[USA,Papillon]
09:Cocos Little Angel Pet Contest---[USA,Pomeranian]
10:Canis Max---[USA,Large and giant breeds]
11:The Many Faces Of JackieD.---[USA,Dalmatian]
12:Priceless Pets Pet Sitting---[USA]
13:Hunter's Strength of Samson---[USA,Portuguese Water Dog]
Shaka & Yoda---[USA,Basenji][Selected Monthly Best Site]
15:Ginger the Dog Actress---[USA]
17:Sally's Pages---[USA,West Highland White Terrier]
18:Harvey's Home on the worldwide wag!---[UK,Cocker Spaniel]
19:The Dachshund Rescue Web Page---[USA,Dachshund]
20:Theme Maker's Breed Index---[USA]
21:The Bull Terrier Club---[ITALY,Bull Terrier]
22:Dogo Canario on the Web---[SPAIN,Dogo Canario]
23:Boxers Portugueses---[PORTUGAL,Boxer]
24:Perdigueiro Portugues---[PORTUGAL,Portuguese Pointer]
25:Labrador Retriever---[ITALY,Labrador Retiever]
26:Gheda Petfood---[ITALY]
27:FERRAMONTE---[SPAIN,German Shepherd Dog]
28:The Presa Canario Dog---[SPAIN,Dogo Canario]
29:Azorean cattle dog club---[PORTUGAL,Azorean cattle dog]
30:Find Fido---[USA]