presents the 2nd version of ORIGINAL Stickers! There are 3 kinds of vehicle ( Station Wagon/
Sedan/Mini-Van )
And also for these 2nd version. I made the message " DOG ON BOARD" in French, German, Italian, and Swedish.
These Stickers are for sale only in JAPAN for now. However if anyone or any shop-owner is interested in
retailing or wholesale in your country, please let me know.
I would be very glad if you send me any comments on these Stickers.

dogmark CAR Sticker
I think you are very familiar with this kind of CAR
Sticker " DOG ON BOARD".
You can find many in many breed.
dogmark made this, not specifying any breed.
The idea of this "CAR DOG" comes from an old poster
by a French Artist,Reymond Savignac(1907-2002).

SIZE:3.84 X 2.56 inch(9.6cm X 6.4cm)

*"Qui me amat, amet et canem meum." (by Saint Bernard
of Clairvaux) is in Latin for "Who loves me will love my
dog also." And this is the motto of

Station Wagon (English)
Sedan (English)
Mini-Van (English)

When I was thinking about the 2nd version of dogmark sticker, I wanted to make " DOG ON BOARD" in other languages. As I mentioned, I have seen many of "DOG ON BOARD/DOG IN CAR" stickers, so I tried to find ones not in English by net-surfing. But I hardly found ones in other languages.
My idea is this; if someone who lives with a French Breed like Poodle/French Bulldog or drives French Car like PEUGEOT/Renault, and also lives with German Breed like Dachshund/German Shepherd Dog or drives German Car like Mersedes
/BMW/AUDI, he or she might want this kind of sticker in French or German. And of course for those in France or Germany.
So I designed in French, German, Italian, and Swedish(for VOLVO owners). Each color types come from the national flags. There are also 3 types of vehicle in each language.

In French

In German

In Italian

In Swedish (specially for VOLVO)

Please click the dog car
to see the 1sr Version